Customer satisfaction is of the utmost important to me. I take pride in my fine desserts and hope you can taste the quality and care I put into them. 


"My first bite into to a Zizou Bar was a moment I never could have dreamed. So moist. So sweet. So magical. Tears roll down my face as I eat one now. The greatest baked good I've devoured in my 20 years of living."

Anthony Merriweather , 11/20/16
Editor-in-Chief & Founder of Mild Magazine


"I don't even know what to call it, but this dessert [Chocolate Chip Zizou Cake] is absolutely amazing! I can't keep my hands off of it, thank you again!"

 C. Ziti  12/25/16


"What a delicious slice of cake I munched today. So well baked my breath was taken from me."

Dr. Martin Llewellyn , 4/17/12


"Her cakes would make Ina Garten proud."  

M. Thomas


"Decadently creamy, impossibly moist and silky - the quality of the ingredients oozes through with every delicious bite of the chocolate layer cake, a true reflection of the loving care that clearly goes into each step of preparation of this, and all the other baked delights. And each one looks as good as it tastes! A passion for creating and baking only the best make it a must to go back for more…."

Happily hooked on chocolate


"The best baked Vanilla bean & chocolate donuts I have ever had! My husband loved the chocolate with the chocolate icing & I loved the beet root icing on the vanilla bean! Best part was that there are no artificial ingredients! All natural made & with love! Highly recommend!!" 

 Glenda Patterson  11/16


"I really appreciate the thoughtfulness put into all of the desserts made here. Especially, being able to request that natural dyes be used such as beets. And I always look forward to the Zizou bars! "  

Joy Yeh 1/11/17  


"L'Abeille Sucree's Zizou bars have become a signature Jackson dessert in my heart, combining the flavors and textures of some of my favorite treats into its own creation. Whether pumpkin spice, peppermint, or the original recipe, these goodies are perfect for any season and pair perfectly with coffee. I hope to see these in local bakeries and shops!" 

 Katie Howerton 1/10/17

"You will not be disappointed and your tastebuds will thank you for choosing to purchase your next baked goods from L'Abeille Sucree!"   
Katie Woodruff



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